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Referral Bonus Pool

For the current 2019 membership fee of only $95 you can become a Legacy Golf Tour member and receive all the great benefits that come with it, including the most innovative player bonus pool in the industry.

As a Legacy Golf Tour member who refers newly enrolled annual members, you are eligible for special cash awards from two different sources:

1) Through earning an immediate referral cash bonus from membership dues paid
2) Through an ongoing cash bonus linked to the referred members play.

$25 Immediate Cash Bonus

Refer a new annual paid member and receive a cash bonus or event credit, your choice, of $25!
(NOTE: Free and comped memberships excluded)


Continuous Matching Place Money Bonuses

In single round events, you will be awarded a cash bonus matching up to 10% of the place money position winnings secured by your referred member providing you participated in an event somewhere in the Legacy Golf Tour system during the same week.

For example, if your friend Tom finishes 1st in a Net Division event anywhere within the tour system and his place money position pays out $1,000, Legacy Golf tour will send you a Referral Bonus of $100 based on Tom's finish. You must have particpated in an event during the same week in order to receive the full 10% bonus. Players who opted to not participate the same week still receive a bonus equal to 5% of the referral's place money won.

Referral bonuses on your referred members place finishes continue as long as you and your referral remain a Legacy Golf Tour member in good standing.

This is a great way to earn extra $$$$$ simply for helping the Legacy Golf Tour find new players! How simple is that!

To register - go to

In the upper right corner, click on the Blue New Account Setup button and complete the membership enrollment form.

Whenever you refer a new member, YOU MUST notify your local Tour Director via email and provide them with the referral's name. A confirmation email will be sent to you once the new member secures their membership. Save the confirmation email as it is the only "official" receipt validating your referral.


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