2020 Player of the Year Standings

It Pays to Play on the Legacy Golf Tour!
. . . Even When You Don't Finish in the Money!



Legacy Golf Tour currently anticipates awarding up to $2,000 in cash to 2020 members who demonstrate the highest level of skill and performance during the 2020 season. The top three Legacy Golf Tour members in the 2020 Player of the Year award point standings will receive cash bonuses at the end of the year, in amounts yet to be determined, as well as other special awards. The anticipated cash awards are indicated below and will vary depending on total player participation during the season. Legacy Golf Tour management is also seeking added monies being made available through sponsorships and other avenues.

Awards will be distributed during the 2020 National Championship Vision Banquet, providing winners can be determined at that time. Otherwise, awards will be distributed after conclusion of the final event at the end of the season.

Points are accumulated based on the player's finishing position with a formula that takes into consideration the size of the field. The more players in an event means players receive a higher point awarding for their finishing position. The more events a player enters means a greater number of points can be accumulated. Additionally, players participating in two day events receive double point values.

Anticipated pay out to the top three players is as follows:

1st - $1,000
2nd - $750
3rd - $250

Updated 1/20/20

Pos Player 1st 2nd 3rd Other Pts
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