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2020 Atascocita Super Challenge

Final Event of 2020!

27-Hole Event

1st Place - $1,500.00
(12+ Players)

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Congratulations to Our 2020 Year-End Award Winners!

2020 Leading Money Winner
Eric Anderson
Granbury, TX
2020 Player of the Year
2020 Legacy Golf Tour Nat'l Champion
Hardeep Grewal
Houston, TX
2020 Member of the Year
Brannon McCabe
Granbury, TX

Latest Events Final Results

2020 Legacy Golf Tour
Nat'l Championship

Date:  Nov. 14-15, 2020
Course: GC of Houston
Location: Humble, TX
Tee Time: 11:00am
Entry Fee: $675.00
1st Place: $5,000 (40+ Players)
Early Entry Discount Expires:
Midnight - 11/8/20

N. Texas District
DFW Area

Date:  Oct. 24, 2020
Course: Bridlewood GC
Location: Flower Mound, TX
Tee Time: Noon
Entry Fee: $195.00
1st Place: $1,250 (No Player Min)
Early Entry Discount Expires:
Midnight - 10/18/20

S. Texas District
Houston Area

Date:  Oct. 17, 2020
Course: Pearland GC
Location: Pearland, TX
Tee Time: 10:00am
Entry Fee: $195.00
1st Place: $1,250 (No Player Min)
Early Entry Discount Expires:
Midnight - 10/11/20

S. Texas District
Houston Area

Date:  Oct. 31, 2020
Course: Tour-18 GC
Location: Humble, TX
Tee Time: 10:00am
Entry Fee: $195.00
1st Place: $1,250 (No Player Min)
Early Entry Discount Expires:
Midnight - 10/25/20

Congratulations to Our Latest Champions!


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Introducing ROTEXMotion

 2020 Player of the Year Sponsor!


Legacy Golf Tour Welcomes Newest 2020 Player of the Year Sponsor - ROTEXMotion

2020 Winner to Receive ROTEXMotion Hand-Held and Floor Combo Set Valued at $499.00!

Ft. Worth, TX. Sep. 29, 2020

Greetings Avid Golfers from!

I am Dr. Joe LaCaze, the inventor and owner of the ROTEXMotion system. After 22 years as a Navy SEAL and a couple decades as a clinician with several skill sets including chiropractor, neuromuscular therapist, performance enhancement specialist, flexibility master in four stretch and soft tissue techniques, and spinal biomechanics instructor, I invented ROTEXMotion which encompasses all the above.

The ROTEXMotion system is a dramatic shortcut to flexibility, stability, pre-practice/game/workout activation, and post-practice/game/workout recovery. Above all, when the system is used consistently, it greatly reduces the chances of injury even to high speed athletes like professional golfers.

At ROTEXMotion we have performed extensive research which can be found on our website and proven we can instantly improve range of motion of all parts of the body to their maximum attainable movement. After this first step, then it is just a matter of maintaining that range of motion with just a few brief exercises per day with each session lasting under five minutes.

I am excited to watch your Legacy Golf Tour grow and hope to meet with some of you in the future on the golf course. We already have several golf tour professionals who use ROTEXMotion on our site, and we have recently added a couple notables to the list, on both the PGA TOUR and Long Drive TOUR.

Our ROTEXMotion Combo device will be on display at each event in North and South Texas so you can both inspect as well as personally experience the benefit to you as an avid golfer. In addition, our combo floor and hand-held model valued at $499.00 will be presented to the 2020 Legacy Golf Tour Player of the Year and this year's National Tour Championship in November.

We are also pleased to provide Legacy Golf Tour members an exclusive discount on each product purchased. Check with your local Tour Director or the National Office for more details.
If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me personally at:

"Go for It!" with ROTEXMotion!

Dr. Joe LaCaze
Check out our products and videos at:



Legacy Golf Tour Welcomes Newest Sponsor - Apex Investing Institute

Premier Investment Community Brings Unique Education & Investing Tools to Legacy Members!

Ft. Worth, TX. March 11, 2020.

Legacy Golf Tour announced today the addition of Apex Investing Institute as it's latest sponsor partner for the 2020 season. is a community of over 30,000 traders worldwide built by those seeking to make additional income trading the financial markets. Apex traders learn to not rely on buy and hold positions that might tie up valuable resources for extended periods. Rather, Apex Investing provides custom built cutting edge trading tools and indicators, dynamic step by step trainings, a trade room that is open 24/6 for trading anytime day or night, and supreme customer service ready to help with any need or question.

The level of tools, training, trade room, and team support is something Legacy Golf Tour members and friends can not find anywhere else. Apex has developed a duplicable system for brand new and experienced traders alike and guides members through every step on a proven pathway to success and financial independence. Apex can even provide traders with automation that assists users in executing winning trades even in volatile trading conditions such as exist in today's competitive marketplace.

Legacy Golf Tour members, family, and friends can gain access to all the invaluable resources and tools available at Apex Investing absolutely FREE. Simply visit the Apex Investing website at to sign up TODAY. Make sure and select Legacy Golf Tour in the referral drop down list so Apex know's you are an active Legacy Golf Tour member.


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